Corporate Events & Private Banquets

BanquetYesteryears Music Palace has a unique fund raising program for charitable 501(c)(3) organizations. The program is centered on an elite fund raising banquet at area hotels with classical ballrooms as well as other unique facilities. The banquet will be a private exquisite affair held in one of our facilities and can feature a top recording star or a well-known entertainer for the evening, as well as popular local show bands.

The event can be up to four (4) hours long starting out with a five course fantastic dinner. Then the evening will light up like the stars in the sky with FUN, MUSIC, DANCING and MEMORIES. The honored guests will have the opportunity to meet the entertainer(s) personally and share the evening with them.

There will be a door prize entry form available to each guest at no cost. The guests must fill out the form with pertinent information about themselves in order to enter. During the span of the evening, our entertainer(s) will conduct a drawing from the forms filled out. The drawing will mean that some of the lucky guests will receive a door prize of considerable value.

The banquet can consist of two hundred (200) to one thousand (1,000) guests or more. The donation amount for the evening of fun and prizes will vary, depending on the cost of the banquet and of course the caliber of entertainment engaged for the evening. The charity can receive as much as $100,000.

Each guest will have the opportunity to support the charity that they are part of in a most unique and enjoyable way. The guests will have experienced an evening they will never forget!