Feedback: Department of the Army

Feedback: Department of the Army

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April 15, 2004

Dear Mr. Smaldone, I would like to take some time and express to you how impressed I am at your service to the battalion. I have heard from both the commanders and the troops that it is always nice to receive something from home and the soldiers appreciate it very much. Your involvement in the battalion has a direct impact on each soldier, and while I know you will never see the affect that you have on the soldier’s life, please know that you are making a difference.

As I am sure you already know, the Battalion has been very busy throughout the deployment. We currently conduct approximately 10 vehicular combat patrols a day. We have established numerous traffic control points, conducted multiple cordon and searches of anti-coalition forces’ homes, detained over 150 anti-coalition personnel, and been involved in many direct fire engagements and Improvised Explosive Device (IED) ambushes. There is not much time for soldiers to relax, but due to your service to them they are able to relax and watch the concert that you sent.

I appreciate the caring that you have shown to the soldiers of the Battalion and I will never be able to thank you enough for the work you have done for Tax Force 1-32 Infantry. Thank you.


Lieutenant Colonel, Infantry Commanding