Travis LeDoyt ELVIS: The Beginning

Travis LeDoyt ELVIS: The Beginning

“I Want You, I Need You” by Travis Ledoyt. Released: 2005.

Travis LeDoyt portrays “ELVIS” during the early years like no one else can. Travis has been called the BEST young “ELVIS” in the world today. There are four good reasons why; 1) He looks like “ELVIS” did; 2) He sings like “ELVIS” did; 3) He moves like “ELVIS” did; and 4) Travis’s personality and mannerisms both on stage and off stage are strikingly similar to “ELVIS”. To those people who have seen it all when it comes to “ELVIS” tribute acts, this one will make every one present on Saturday, August 21st 2004 do a double take. There is simply no way to describe what the audience will experience this coming August except, UNBELIEVABLE.

Travis was born in 1977 (the year “ELVIS” died) in Greenfield, Massachusetts. At an early age Travis had the elements necessary to be an entertainer. His talent and love of music was discovered early on. He was exposed to a wide variety of musical styles, including Country, Swing, Rock & Roll and even Classical. Travis became very proficient in playing both the piano and the guitar. Travis became enchanted with the life and legend of “ELVIS” and discovered his looks; style, voice and mannerism were remarkably like “ELVIS’”. Travis started at a young age doing tributes to “ELVIS” and found the public response to be overwhelming. Since that time Travis has been leaving audiences in awe everywhere he performs.

Travis flawlessly captures “ELVIS” in his prime, and restricts his shows to the hits and ambience 1954 – 1959. Travis utilizes an
authentic four (4)-piece band featuring an upright slap bass, guitar, piano and drums the same as “ELVIS” had. Travis will take everyone back in time to a genuine 1956 concert.

This memorable and exciting show will take you back to The Early Years when Ed Sullivan introduced “ELVIS” to the world in that famous TV show watched worldwide by teenagers and parents alike beside their kids.

Travis has appeared all over the country and abroad. Travis has appeared three years running now at the Tupelo, Mississippi Elvis festival. An appearance in Santiago, Chile was before a live audience of over 5,000 and a television audience of more than 5 million people for Chile’s Elvis Presley festival, the audience was amazed and in awe. Travis appeared on Fox television’s Ralph Emory show in Nashville and was chosen by the Rikki Lake show as one of the top 12 “ELVIS” tribute acts in the world today. Travis’s successes and appearances spread from Las Vegas to Atlantic City.

On Saturday, August 21st 2004 at the Knoxville Civic Auditorium, people that did not get to see and meet Travis LeDoyt as “ELVIS” (The beginning) in January, will now have the opportunity to see him as “ELVIS” (The Early Years). This is an event that people of all ages will never forget for the rest of their lives.

This event will have a special meaning beyond what “ELVIS” means to us as a nation and not to mention August is the month “ELVIS” died. We will be putting on this event to benefit a great charitable organization, “The Lions Club”. The Lions Club serves the visually impaired and helps with so many other related problems like sugar diabetes. Lions Club volunteers all over the nation work hard to raise money to aid the millions nation wide who fight the battle of sight. Join us August 21st and not only have an experience of a life time but help a great worthy cause.