sponsorsYesteryears Music Palace is continually looking for Financial Sponsors to be a Joint Venture participant into the Charitable Organizational program. The “Financial Sponsors” would be committing to fund the expenses of the event under the Charitable Organizational program. The “Financial Sponsor” would receive many benefits from being part of a great entertainment event that would help many people in need. People from our children to our elderly, those that are homeless and those that are disabled and so many more in need of help.

The benefits that the “Financial Sponsor” would receive are as follows:

1. The gratification of knowing your participation in an event such as this is helping so many people in need.

2. Assuming the “Financial Sponsor” is a company. A company representative would receive an introduction and be presented, on stage, with a plaque of appreciation.

3. The “Financial Sponsor” would be mentioned as one of the primary presenting factions of the event in all advertising, public announcements, press conference and brochures of any type. The “Financial Sponsor” would also be welcome to attend any live interviews or press conferences.

4. The “Financial Sponsor” would be allowed to put their company banners up on display the day of the event at the venue.

5. The amount of the expenses of an event such as the type and size we will be producing is sizable. As an incentive, the “Financial Sponsor” will receive a sizable percentage of the proceeds of the event. The amount the “Financial Sponsor” would receive would defray a great deal of the expenses. In many cases the amount of the funds the “Financial Sponsor” would receive could cover the entire expenses of the event and even yield the “Financial Sponsor” a profit.

The Sponsorship Program for a “Financial Sponsor” will be rewarding in so many ways. We never have enough “Financial Sponsors”, so please check it out and inquire as to how you can become a Yesteryears Music Palace “Financial Sponsor” for our Charitable Organization program. You can receive information and have one of our representatives contact you by visiting our contact page.